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Life after 50 looks good from the top

May 6, 2013

     I hear much talk  of  people searching for things that might make life after 50 good or at least good enough. Not better mind you, just good. It’s amazing that so many folks look at our life over 50 as almost over instead of possibly being the beginning of the greatest adventure that could continue for yet another 50 years. I mean seriously, we’re not just over the hill, we are heading for the mountain top  and things sure look a lot better when you have a broader view  of the world below. And while looking down from where we’ve walked, maybe climbed, we see the paths that led to success and possibly, some that led into harm’s way. But throught it all, we’ve earned a knowledge and acquired the wisdom that can help to make our next 50 years much happier and fulfilling, without having to go through the school of hard knocks once again.

And as well, we know that the lessons we have learned along the way should be passed down to others in the hope that they too will gain insight into things of value without having to first spend time in the pig sty as did the Prodigal Son. And hopefully, to learn to offer grace and love as did his Father, instead of acting like the brother so filled with resentment, jealously and anger, choosing not to celebrate the return of his long, lost brother. Such and amazing accomplishment will be achieved if we can teach by our actions to those who follow us that grace, love and forgiveness change lives for the better. It matters not whether we are the giver of such things or the receiver, the blessing is for all who choose to share in this experience.

We’ve also learned throughout all these years what things really matter in life; that the choices we make in the moment and that we think are temporal, may impact us forever. We’ve learned to invest more of our time and money into people instead of earthly pleasures that fade away with the passing of each year. And because of this, we’ve helped to give hope to the poor through food, water, clothing, money and supplies, and to encourage and comfort those in despair, each situation covered in prayer.
How many times as each of us prayed for someone to come and help us  through a difficult time? Were you not filled, as I have been, with thanksgiving that your prayers were heard and answered? As the years go by and as I choose more and more to try and live like Jesus, I have no doubt but that He wants us to be His hands and feet on this earth, to be an answer to someone’s prayer. He has such a great love for us and time and again, His Word tells us to love one another.

I get it now. It may have taken me a long time to learn to think of others more than myself but this truth has gotten hold of me in a way that there is now no turning back. I can’t help but want to share what I’ve learned because I know for certain, that choosing to love and bless others is the best way to live. I have many regrets over the opportunities I’ve missed during my lifetime, but I will never regret any kind word or deed I’ve given another. And for the rest of my life, I pray God uses me in a way that not only blesses others but honors and glorifies Him. It will be quite the adventure, indeed!

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