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I witnessed a great thing one early morning

April 16, 2013

Sometimes I have to hold back on things I want to write.  Often times, my life experience accounts are from what I’ve witnessed and though they include me and impact my life, are not about me and I must remember that the story is for others to tell, not me. But I do want to share with you, even if ever so briefly, a treasured moment I was blessed to be a part of before my youngest daughter went in for surgery. She had torn her ACL with other damage to her knee as well and it was to be repaired this early Thursday morning. As we talked with her surgeon, Dr. John Dorizas, he spoke of procedures and answered all our questions. Then he said that although he will be using his skills to repair her knee, it is God who heals and asked if he could pray for my girl. Though we’ve never before had a doctor ask to pray for any of us, we quickly agreed. Hearing such a loving, humble and tender prayer over my sweet girl moved me to soft tears and instilled such  peace within me. Just knowing that the doctor with whose life I had entrusted my daughter, trusts completely in Almightly God to guide his hand and bring healing, was so comforting.  I had no fear, actually I had a strong sense that all would be well. In fact, not long after the surgery began it was over, her knee had incredibly less damage than prior test reported. Her ACL is now repaired and with much thanksgiving to the ligament donor, she is on her way to complete recovery. I am thankful for so many things, for Dr. John Dorizas and his willingness to share his faith and skill with my daughter, for the donor who gave from love, and for my God who is the great Healer. I witnessed a great thing that early morning and am very thankful!

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