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The long journey

First of all, I love Jesus and I’m forever thankful He loves me too.  For many years I believed in Him, knew a lot about Him but didn’t really know what it meant to be in relationship with Him. Actually, He loved me first and as I started to realize what that really means, it caused me to want to spend more time with Him and let Him do the talking for a while. Secondly, I am wife to David and that makes me one lucky girl. He is my best friend. He taught me how to love by the way he loves me and I am forever thankful. Third, we have been blessed with two amazing daughters and their loving, godly husbands and our family continues to grow with grandchildren. What joy they are to us! They make our world go round and for them too, I overflow with thanksgiving.

There have been many life changes with our daughters and their families adventuring where the Lord has led them, one in Colorado and the other in England. It has been challenging for me for sure but I know that where the Lord leads them is where they will find their blessing. So, I am in a new season and counting on the Lord to give me a new song and a new vision.   With David by my side, I am ready to continue my journey to wherever God leads. I have learned that His plan for me is always far better than the one I dreamed for myself so I’m taking the step of faith, holding on to it with dear life really, and trusting Him, or learning to better.

I love to write. I love to take pictures.  I have been on staff or freelanced for newspapers, magazines and websites doing both and I plan to share my stories here on my site as well. I hope you will follow me on my journey.

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  1. Here we go…..

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