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Why are we surprised? Who is your kid’s role model?

May 23, 2014

Today I watched my first episode of a certain famous family reality TV show whose personalities are famous now for being famous, and actually, I thought what a total waste of my time. But then I realized it has given me some valuable insight into why many school teens, and possibly younger, talk and act the way they do. Both scenarios are a poor reflection of our society to say the least, especially if this is what we find entertaining.

Personally, I found it shocking that grown children cuss their mother, using the f word even. And if disrespect and dishonor shown to her wasn’t bad enough, they do it for the whole world to see. What are we teaching our children if our television networks deem this reality show and others like it, quality TV? What message are we sending our children if we allow them to watch it, or if we allow them to watch it without explaining to them that this is not God’s best for His children.

From God’s Word we know that living a totally self-consumed life is not the life for which we were created. We know that we are to honor our mother and father and to love our neighbors as ourselves. We know that with our many blessings we are to be a blessing to those in need, and not just during the holiday season. We know that for those much has been given, much is expected.

If young people today are allowed to be deceived into thinking that this family and others like them on TV are the example they are to follow then there is no doubt that our society is sinking farther into the pit of destruction. Parents need to be aware as to what their children are watching and the possible effect it can have on them and their view of the world.

And to this family and others like them on TV, think of the wonderful opportunity they have been given to have a positive effect on their viewers and thus, the world. What if they realized the opportunity they have to set an example of living lives that honor God and that of blessing others through what has been given to them. And what if the world would then want to be like them?

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