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Being Thin is Such a Blessing!

January 6, 2014

Ah…..the joys of being thin. Now before you read the blessings that follow, here is my disclaimer. I am not thin. I have not been thin in many years. And sadly, the years that I was thin, I didn’t know it. I had fallen for the lie of the magazine covers and multi-media stereotypes of what beauty looks like. I wasted several years not feeling good about myself. And I understand, truly I do, that we are to love ourselves and see the beauty within and without, regardless of our size. This is true. But what is also true, is that there are many blessings that come with being thin, not just physically, but mentally and emotionally.

I am writing to those who are thin to encourage you this day to remember you are blessed. Whether you have worked hard daily to stay healthy and fit, or your natural self is designed in such a way that being thin comes easily to you, you are blessed.

Every morning as you are dressing for the day, most anything you throw on will look good on you. If dressing takes you a long time, it’s not because you can’t find anything that fits well but that you look good in everything you put on. What a blessing!

Shopping for new clothes is fun. Your choices abound with chances that most all you try on will fit. Shopping can be a lunch hour experience that brings joy at your new purchase. You are blessed!

As you go about your day you are light on your feet. Your bones thank you because you are not carrying so much excess weight that it becomes a burden. You are healthier and participating in athletics or vigorous adventures is a pleasure to you and keeps you youthful. You are blessed!

If being thin is an effort on your part that you accomplish through determination and making continual wise choices, I admire you greatly. Mentally, you are strong and your eyes are fixed on the prize of living a disciplined life. You are blessed!

If you have overcome a lifetime battle with food, both physically and emotionally, I have great respect for you. You are a victor who has accomplished something that many in this world have not. You have proven that you die to self each day for your greater good. You have defeated the demons and emotional bondage that one time led you to find comfort in food. Whatever your battle, you have won and you are no longer the same person you were when you began your journey to be the best you can be. With this accomplishment, there will be no stopping you in your future pursuits. I congratulate you and respect you. You are blessed!

I am thankful when I see the blessings of others. It brings me hope. If at times I sound envious, I am. But not as much for the outward blessings, though those would be great. But, I yearn to be on the other side of this journey, having already gone through the fire that finally wins the war instead of still being in the battle, dodging darts from the evil one.  Too many times I have begun and failed, self-destructing for reasons that still aren’t totally clear to me. But today is a new day and with every moment, I have hope. Therefore, I too, am blessed.

I would love to hear testimonies from those who have won their war and are experiencing the many blessings that come with being victorious.


“I long for your deliverance; I have looked to Your Word, placing my hope in it.” Ps. 119:81 ISV


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