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He knew the love of Jesus and it showed: the legacy of Daddy Hugh

February 2, 2013

The Homegoing of a Christian is a beautiful occassion. It allows us to celebrate the lives of loved ones who’ve gone home to Jesus, reflecting on cherished moments and time spent together. Though often many tears are shed, its because we know that a void has been created in our lives that can only be filled by that loved one.
Recently, my husband David’s grandfather Daddy Hugh passed away. At 95 years of age he was still vibrant, mentally sharp and an exercise enthusiast. But more than anything, he loved Jesus. For most of his life, Daddy Hugh served as a Home Missionary, showing the love of Christ to those who landed on America’s shores. During the 27 years I was blessed to be a part of his life, I never heard him say a negative word about another, complain, or be anything other than kind, compassionate and loving to all who came his way. He was such an amazing man. Any time spent with him was a blessing.
While traveling the long road home after the memorial service, David and I had several hours to talk about the many testimonies and people who shared the day with the family. If ever there was one that deserved to hear Jesus say “Well done good and faithful servant”, it was Daddy Hugh. But he was so much more than just obedient, he was all about the love. He knew without doubt that he was loved by Jesus and thanked Him in every prayer. Just like the apostle John, Daddy Hugh knew that he was beloved. Perfect love cast out fear and knowing this perfect love from his Savior enabled him to reach out in love to people of all walks of life. It is no wonder that many came to know Christ because they first saw His love in Daddy Hugh.
As the day became evening and weariness came over us, reality began to set in that the life we had known was forever changed. We have big shoes to fill as we endeavor to follow in the footsteps of Daddy Hugh in our Christian walk, but we have had an extraordinary example to follow. David had a lifetime with his grandfather and we are so thankful that for over twenty years our daughters knew well and were loved by their treasured great-grandfather. And we are also so very thankful for the blessings he spoke over us and the constant prayers he lifted up to the Father on our behalf. I have no doubt that we are better people for spending our lives with Daddy Hugh. It is my prayer that his legacy continues through all generations.

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