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The power of words

September 17, 2012

I’ve always had some trouble guarding my tongue, even when it was truth I was speaking. But as I’ve matured  I’ve come to understand what is meant in the Proverbs that says, “From the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” That means that actually, it’s a motive of my heart that causes my mouth to get in gear. Sometimes that’s a good thing, sometimes it’s not. So in my quest to be everything God wants  me to be, I’ve been educating myself in ways to live an excellent life and to be better to those around me.

In my quest I’ve been reading books by John Maxwell over the past couple of months. He is an excellent author, speaker, and I’m guessing friend. If he practices what he teaches I think he could be anyone’s best friend. I am also  convinced that his success is due to the fact that his ideas are based on biblical principles.

Currently, I’m reading on how to be a good leader and how to help others achieve their dreams. In the mean time, as I’m learning on how to better treat others, I’m learning alot about myself and things I need to improve on. The list is way to long to speak of here but oddly enough, I’m not discouraged but encouraged because Maxwell’s insights and advice have given me hope and inspiration. I truly understand why he is one of our country’s best motivational speakers – he certainly has motivated me.

In just one example of many, Maxwell teaches the benefits of finding something kind to say to a person in the first 30 seconds you come into contact with them in his book, “25 Ways to Win with People.” These kind words are to be sincere. The outcome for those who receive your words are uplifting as well as esteeming. But I have found it also gives me great joy to speak these words of kindness and causes me to be more observant of those around me. Actually, it is quite freeing to spend more time thinking about others than myself. Thinking of myself all  the time can be rather exhausting and often times, disappointing. So the good thing is, while I’m working on bettering myself, others get to be blessed by my efforts. I truly believe that one of life’s greatest gifts is to find a way to be a blessing to another….even if it is  just a smile or a kind word. And I also truly believe, that one way or another, we are all meant to be a blessing to each other.

I’ve been able to work on my observation and speaking skills while I’ve been substitute teaching at our local high school. I discovered quickly that often times when students act out the real reason is hidden deep within them, the behavior is just the outward mask of the inward emotion. I always ask the Holy Spirit to guide me in what to say and who to speak to because after all, He knows things that I don’t. Sometimes He leads me to say something I think is an odd thing to say, or an odd time to say it, but I’ve learned to be obedient and follow His leading. Often times, I’m rewarded with the prettiest smile or even sweet laughter. Sometimes, though, I do get a confused look but I know that the student realizes that though I may be a bit different, I was speaking kindly and respectfully. I’ve really enjoyed subbing at the school and have been treated with respect by the students. I hope it is because they can see that I truly care about them and that my words may be few, but genuine.

I’ve got many things to learn on this journey to live a more excellent way. Thankfully, I have the Holy Spirit as my guide and when I mess up, He’s my Comforter too. And through it all I will be very aware that words are so very powerful. The old school yard quote that says “Sticks and stones may break your bones but words can never hurt you,” is one of the biggest lies straight from satan. But God says through the Proverbs, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat its fruit.” Father God may the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my Strength and my Redeemer!

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