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A New Adventure

January 16, 2012

I love to write. I love to take pictures.  I’ve been a photojournalist for over 20 years and now, I’m going to also be a blogger.  Well, I’m going to try. I like learning new things, so if you hang in there with me, I will master blogging as well.

So to get started, here are a few things about me. First of all, I love Jesus and I’m forever thankful that Jesus loves me too.  Actually, He loved me first. Secondly, I am wife to David and that makes me one lucky girl. He is my best friend. He taught me how to love by the way he loves me and I am forever thankful. Third, we have been blessed with two twenty-something daughters that we love more than life itself. They make our world go round and for them too, I overflow with thanksgiving.

With the girls grown and on adventures of their own, it is time for me to find myself again. The empty nest syndrome caught me off guard with the very fact that it is a real emotional phenomenon.  None the less, I’ve got my feet back on the ground now and I’m ready to continue my journey to wherever God leads me. I have learned that His plan for me is always far better than the one I dreamed for myself so I’m taking the step of faith….and now the adventure begins! I hope you will follow me on my journey.

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  1. teresa permalink

    I typed in my daughters name and your blog popped up. As I was reading about you I felt like I was reading her future… She loves to write, take photos , Jesus is her best friend and the guy I would choose for her , his name is David.. She is 22. we live in cleveland Tn…

    • Thank you for reading my blog! I’ve had a slow start but I’m looking forward to writing during the summer. How wonderful for your daughter to love Jesus! My husband and I often give thanks that our children love the Lord and are Kingdom minded. I wish I had of been at their age….so many years I wasted thinking more about myself than those around me. I just really didn’t get it back then. I’ve been watching Joyce Myer a good bit and I remember a few months ago when she stated that she hoped every day to do something that would ease the suffering of someone else and it really got me thinking – how much more worthy of a way to spend a part of my day. And because of this, my journey is so much better!

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